Vision, Mission, and Goals

  • Vision

    All students in the Jefferson Davis County School District will achieve life-long learning, reach proficiency in all academic areas, and will contribute to our community in a positive manner.


    Jefferson Davis County School District promotes a rigorous, safe, and nurturing environment in which students are empowered to achieve their full intellectual and social potential by combining high standards, discipline, and character education, with a commitment to individualism, creativity, and diversity as students prepare to contribute to our global society.

    Continue to increase attendance, decrease tardiness and lower student dropout rates.
    Improve the reading levels and literacy levels of all students.

    Implement programs and activities to improve student test scores statewide.
    Strengthen the effectiveness of communication within the Jefferson Davis County School District and Jefferson Davis community by creating partnerships with parents, students, and staff to develop life-long learners.
    Create and maintain a safe and drug-free environment at all District sites by implementing programs and activities that foster respect for self, others, and the environment.
    Increase teacher capacity and effective instruction by implementing a top-notch professional development plan for teachers.
    Create a climate of high expectations for all students, staff, and parents to ensure academic excellence in all subject areas.
    Continue to improve District finances through conservative decisions in the best interest of students.