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Jefferson Davis County School District

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Transportation Department

Welcome to the Transportation Department

Mr. Terry L. Hathorn



Transportation information will be presented to each student during early registration in April and May, and they include designated pick-up times for the coming school year. Students should arrive at their stop at least two minutes before the scheduled time. The times listed on the cards


are only estimates and the actual time can fluctuate until a routine is set.  The bus will only stop for approximately two minutes any student not boarding the bus in a timely fashion will be allowed to be dropped off by the parent (no bus will sit at one stop for more than two minutes).


Drivers must see or be assured that an adult is present when a student in kindergarten through grade 3 is dropped off. We request that an adult/older student acknowledge the bus by standing in a doorway or waving from a window. If your home is not visible from the road, please make provisions for the student by communicating with the driver or the bus garage. If the driver does not see an adult, the student will return to the Elementary School.

For safety and security purposes, elementary school children who board their assigned school bus at our elementary school can only be dropped off at their designated drop off locations/bus stops. Elementary school children cannot exit the bus at the High School — even to get a ride home with older siblings.


All transportation requests must be presented to the transportation secretary and approved by the transportation director before it is completed.


Parents must submit a bus pass request prior to 10:30 a.m. requesting a change in transportation. The bus pass must indicate the bus change, the reason, parent/guardian signature, and a phone number for confirmation. Only emergency situations will be honored after 10:30 a.m. A student is allowed to bring up to two friends on his or her bus if those friends have permission and a bus pass issued by the main office after being approved by the transportation department is present. Any changes to the late bus list requires a pass from the administration or transportation office.


When transporting students, the main goal of the Jefferson Davis County School Board of Education is to get students safely to and from school and school related activities. To assist in monitoring bus transportation, buses may be equipped with video and audio equipment. Students are susceptible to video and audio taping whenever they are on a school bus. 

Riding the bus is a privilege. Appropriate student bus behavior is defined very succinctly for students. Students are to sit flat on the seat, sit facing the front of the bus, and ride quietly. The driver is responsible for the safety of those on the bus and, together with the school principal, shall have authority for discipline on the bus. A bus driver may assign seats to any or all students. 

(In Extreme Cases our bus drivers may have a student that has to cross in from of the bus) When getting off the school bus and when it is necessary to cross the street, students must always cross in front of the bus under the direction of the driver. Always look both ways and do not cross the street until the school bus is stopped, all traffic has stopped, and the driver motions that it is safe. To provide visibility for the driver and the student, always cross at least 10 feet in front of the bus.

Any breakage, injury, or damage to the bus or bus equipment, which is caused by a careless or willful act, shall be paid for by the offending student.

Both the Jefferson Davis County Schools Handbook and the Bus Rules of Conduct shall be considered when applying consequences for inappropriate behavior.

The responsibilities of students while being transported are:

  • Comply with school rules while being transported.
  • Consider the use of seatbelts; seatbelts are recommended for student safety.
  • Refrain from damaging bus or bus equipment.
  • Be ready in the morning at the scheduled time for the bus to arrive at your stop two minutes ahead of scheduled pickup time.
  • Refrain from standing or playing in the street while awaiting the bus.
  • Wait until bus has come to a stop before attempting to get on or off.
  • Leave the bus only at your home stop or other stop with prior school approval.
  • Abide by all rules for use of electronic devices set forth in the handbook provided the use does not cause a disruption to safety, privacy, or communications. Students are prohibited from any type of camera or recording use. The bus driver has the full discretion to limit use of all devices in any situation where use could be potential danger or disruption, or the student has exhibited behavior of not following rules or expectations.
  • Enter or leave the bus only at the front door of vehicle except in case of emergency.
  • Refrain from exchanging seats or moving around in the bus while it is in motion.
  • Make room for other students to get on or off the bus, by keeping isle clear at all times.
  • Refrain from extending head, arms or hands outside window of bus.
  • Refrain from yelling or shouting at anyone, on the bus or out the window.
  • Refrain from throwing objects in or at the bus, or out of the bus window. 
  • Keep the bus clean and sanitary.
  • Refrain from eating or drinking on the bus.
  • Keep items carried onto the bus on the student’s lap or on the floor between their feet.


It is illegal to pass a school bus displaying its flashing red lights—both on and off school property. The lights are displayed for student safety to indicate when students are boarding or exiting a bus. This law is strictly enforced and violators will be reported.