Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Robert Young

      As a leader, it has always been my goal to look at every day as a new opportunity for success.  Everyone is subject to disappointment or failure at some point in our lives.  However, it is up to each of us as individuals to decide what happens after it occurs.  We have an obligation to ourselves as people to use our past mistakes, decisions, and actions as stepping stones that will ultimately lead us to our brighter futures!

  The mission of the team members of the Academic Success Center (ASC) is to provide an alternative approach for students to achieve success in multiple areas, including academic performance, functional skills, character education, and employability skills.  By providing a structured environment, focused on stability and improvement, the members of the Academic Success Center look to provide ample opportunities of success for students.  The ultimate goal is to effectively return students to their schools of origin better equipped to manage the challenges that are associated with a larger learning environment. During the process, our team communicates and monitors daily expectations exercises to enhance student success through counseling, character-building programs, effective communication techniques, and positive interactions with all stakeholders.

If additional information is desired in reference to the Office of Academic Success Operations, please contact Mr. Robert Young at 601-792-4888