•                                                Division of Operations



    • Mission

    The mission of the Division of Operations is to facilitate the development and maintenance of a safe and secure learning environment where teacher efficacy is evident through student achievement.  During this process, our office completes both internal audits and daily expectation drills to enhance student success through character building programs, effective communication techniques, and positive interactions with all stakeholders.

    It is our desire to improve the atmosphere to ensure the quality of education provided is one that builds lifelong learners who will contribute to our society in a positive manner.  This goal is essential because our students are our community’s most essential resource, our educators are the catalyst to our success, and our community serves as our cornerstone.  Our division host the following focus points:


    If additional information is desired in reference to the Office of Operations, please contact Dr. Jason McLeod at 601-792-4888


    • Operations this division helps to foster and ensure safe schools and protect the health and safety of all students through upgrading schools and improving school facilities. Facilities and Operations provides internal audits of facilities to maintains safe facilities by providing an on-going maintenance program that supports and request upgrades to our schools as needed as well as provide plans to improve any outdated facilities. Our division provides supporting role to all departments for the education of all students while actively communication with schools and administration on the needs of all facilities.   This division also manages building improvements through capital improvement projects and renovations or additions while serving as the project inspector or manager for all building projects until completed.  As a part of facilities, this office administers the use of facilities and fields and serves as an integral aspect of the designing of new facilities.  In remaining complaint with all state regulations, this office fosters a working relationship with state and federal agencies to ensure compliance with all state and environmental regulations.


    Transportation Department Overview

    The mission of the Transportation Department within the Jefferson Davis County Schools is to transport students safely from their residence of record and return each of them back to their residence of record. The Transportation department is committed to maintaining a safe traveling environment for all students while being transported on our school buses.  We work to ensure that all employees adhere to the highest standards.

    Listed are programs we implement in our daily routine.

    • Boundary Planning–Updating and maintaining information relating to boundaries
    • Fleet Maintenance–Managing our district’s fleet, ensuring safety, as well as economic efficiency.
    • Field Trip Management–Managing and supporting field trips for our district.

    Bus routes consist of double and triple runs as the need arise.

    We are the moving agent “Where Children Come First!”

    Transportation Department: Mr. Terry L. Hathorn, Director; Mrs. Juanita Norwood, Secretary; Mr. Ira Lampley and Mr. Joe Thompson, Mechanics


    The mission of the JDCSD Maintenance and Building and Grounds Department is to ensure proactive maintenance of the schools and facilities of the district, through comprehensive planning and implementation of quality, cost effective maintenance and repairs. We will keep the students, staff and faculty safe by routinely maintaining the facilities of the Jefferson Davis County School District throughout the year. We will ensure that the physical condition of the facilities and will support the functions of the facilities in an effective and efficient manner. We will strive to keep the Jefferson Davis County School District appearance one that will make all of its citizens proud of their schools.

    Areas of responsibility include:

    Carpentry: Repairs glass, roofs, walls, floor covering, plaster, painting, blinds, doors, ceilings, and renovates and constructs new offices.

    Climate Control (Heating and HVAC): Installs, maintains, and repairs air conditioners, heating systems, air compressors, and boilers.

    Construction: Coordinates the design of new facilities and/or addition to facilities, and major renovations.

    Electrical: Repairs equipment, stage and auditorium lighting, gymnasium and athletic field lighting, scoreboards, security lighting, and custodial equipment.

    Electronics: Installs, maintains, and repairs master clocks, bell systems, fire alarms, intercoms, public address systems, televisions, VCRs, cassettes players, and cable wiring.

    Environmental: Coordinates the removal of chemicals in facilities, oversees asbestos and indoor air quality program.

    Grounds: Cuts grass, shrubs, trees, and maintains fences.

    Keys & Locks: Maintains and install locks and keys of all buildings.

    Plumbing: Installs, maintains, and repairs welding, water pipes, and sewage system.

    Preventive Maintenance: Installs, maintains, and repairs fire extinguishers. Changes filters for heating and cooling equipment, and water coolers.




  • Lead Maintenace Tech

    Dwayne Hathorn

    PH: 601-740-1708